Friday, July 12, 2013

Independence Week

We had dinner over at Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's on the third to welcome Cousin Jamie and Uncle Charlie to town. After dinner the big kids played cars with a cardboard box as a ramp. I found the box a bit later... on accident... and Dad was no help!

On the fourth we had a bunch of peeps over to celebrate Independence day. I did NOT get to go in the bounce house but there were enough people there to hold me and keep me entertained all night.
Literally all night. When I'm out doors, sleep does not enter my mind and I was a trooper all the way through the fireworks finale. Poor Grandma Davenport though - she probably got quite a workout hanging on to me because I was a bouncin' fool. But what else is new?

The next night we went to see Peter Pan at Theater in the Park. We were pretty far away so I didn't see much of the show but G&G H kept me pretty entertained..
Then Avery and Aunt Abby broke out the glow sticks and lets face it, those things are pretty awesome.

Here's a pic with my first toothbrush. It's... not bad. I am currently getting SIX teeth at once and every once and again I enjoy a little chew toy. If M&D want to call it a "toothbrush" it makes no difference to me!

On the 10th Dad, Avery and I had dinner with Grandpa Davenport. Just before he left, GpaD stopped by to say goodbye. We did a little playing and then he gave me some paper to play with. So nice, right? But then he had to go and I watched him walk all the way out, hoping he'd come back but he didn't... and that made me cry. :(
But no worries, we had dinner over at G&G D's the next night along Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Great Grandma Davenport and Great Uncle Todd.
Oh, and did I forget to mention Rango? He's GUT's Ridgeback puppy. He's huge! But he's really gentle and well behaved so we all got along swimmingly. Of course, when GpaD gave me some more paper to play with I had to tell Rango who was in charge... Shake it down Rango!

Maebe Later.


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