Sunday, June 30, 2013


With Avery off at church I was stuck playing with M&D all day.  We had breakfast at First Watch, then hit Old Navy, Dick's and Target.  Boring, boring, boring and boring.  In fact I think I finally fell asleep at Target.

Things turned up after we got home because Grandma Davenport came over bearing gifts and we actually waited for her outside.  And lucky for me, Mom shared her peach with me. YUM!!!

Maebe Later

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crawl Before You Wok

Tonight Avery, the 'rents and I had dinner with Great Grandma Davenport at Fortune Wok.  And yet despite all the chompers you can see (a little vampire-y, eh?) I did not get one grain of fried rice.  Mom did hook me with a bottle and some Apple & Sweet Potato puffs though.  I do love me some puffs.

Mom also gave me a fortune cookie after dinner though it was only for a photo opp.  She also gave me the fortune and with one in each hand it was inevitable that SOMETHING was going into my mouth.... and it wasn't the cookie.  YUM?

As we were packing up to head out Dad folded up my highchair "diaper" (see above) and it kind of made the perfect backpack.  I don't think it is supposed to be a backpack though because... why would a baby need a backpack?  I do look like I'm ready for a hike though right?  Now if I could just figure out how to walk...

I hope these pics aren't too blury and that everything is formatted okay. I'm trying to go strictly mobile and sometimes mister blury cam makes an appearance but you can't always tell on a small screen. Such is life these (Mae's) days. 

Maebe Later

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Say What?

Avery decided to start blogging again out of the blue so naturally I'm feeling some peer (she's posted over 600 times and I'm closer to 6, so yeah, we're peers) pressure to do so as well. 
The fam and I met Gammy and Granpop at Shawnee Mission Park for movie night - what the wha?  I get to be outside AND watch a movie - I LOVE IT!

Here's my, "Say What!?!?" face.