Friday, July 12, 2013

Independence Week

We had dinner over at Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's on the third to welcome Cousin Jamie and Uncle Charlie to town. After dinner the big kids played cars with a cardboard box as a ramp. I found the box a bit later... on accident... and Dad was no help!

On the fourth we had a bunch of peeps over to celebrate Independence day. I did NOT get to go in the bounce house but there were enough people there to hold me and keep me entertained all night.
Literally all night. When I'm out doors, sleep does not enter my mind and I was a trooper all the way through the fireworks finale. Poor Grandma Davenport though - she probably got quite a workout hanging on to me because I was a bouncin' fool. But what else is new?

The next night we went to see Peter Pan at Theater in the Park. We were pretty far away so I didn't see much of the show but G&G H kept me pretty entertained..
Then Avery and Aunt Abby broke out the glow sticks and lets face it, those things are pretty awesome.

Here's a pic with my first toothbrush. It's... not bad. I am currently getting SIX teeth at once and every once and again I enjoy a little chew toy. If M&D want to call it a "toothbrush" it makes no difference to me!

On the 10th Dad, Avery and I had dinner with Grandpa Davenport. Just before he left, GpaD stopped by to say goodbye. We did a little playing and then he gave me some paper to play with. So nice, right? But then he had to go and I watched him walk all the way out, hoping he'd come back but he didn't... and that made me cry. :(
But no worries, we had dinner over at G&G D's the next night along Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Great Grandma Davenport and Great Uncle Todd.
Oh, and did I forget to mention Rango? He's GUT's Ridgeback puppy. He's huge! But he's really gentle and well behaved so we all got along swimmingly. Of course, when GpaD gave me some more paper to play with I had to tell Rango who was in charge... Shake it down Rango!

Maebe Later.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Livin' on the Edge!

In my last post you saw that I got to experience a real peach for the first time and yesterday Mom let me have some watermelon. Dr. Shanker says no strawberries and no citrus but I guess watermelon is okay... wait, is peach a citrus?

I didn't get any special fruits tonight (boo!) but I did get some new Puffs - Vanilla! And they are totes delicious. Avery keeps trying to steal 'em though if she doesn't say please, Dad puts the kibosh on it. Score one for the good guys!

You have noticed some baby gates in the background of pics lately and that's because mobile and fearless! Dad followed me up the first flight of stairs and while he wasn't looking I bolted for the flight to the dormer. I only got one step up before Dad caught me but he was nice enough to let me reach the summit before pulling me down. You can't see it of course but I've got the biggest smile in this pic.
Mom and Dad better be on the lookout because if they think it's gonna take me 14 months to walk like it took my predecessor, they've got another thing coming!

Maebe Later.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


With Avery off at church I was stuck playing with M&D all day.  We had breakfast at First Watch, then hit Old Navy, Dick's and Target.  Boring, boring, boring and boring.  In fact I think I finally fell asleep at Target.

Things turned up after we got home because Grandma Davenport came over bearing gifts and we actually waited for her outside.  And lucky for me, Mom shared her peach with me. YUM!!!

Maebe Later

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crawl Before You Wok

Tonight Avery, the 'rents and I had dinner with Great Grandma Davenport at Fortune Wok.  And yet despite all the chompers you can see (a little vampire-y, eh?) I did not get one grain of fried rice.  Mom did hook me with a bottle and some Apple & Sweet Potato puffs though.  I do love me some puffs.

Mom also gave me a fortune cookie after dinner though it was only for a photo opp.  She also gave me the fortune and with one in each hand it was inevitable that SOMETHING was going into my mouth.... and it wasn't the cookie.  YUM?

As we were packing up to head out Dad folded up my highchair "diaper" (see above) and it kind of made the perfect backpack.  I don't think it is supposed to be a backpack though because... why would a baby need a backpack?  I do look like I'm ready for a hike though right?  Now if I could just figure out how to walk...

I hope these pics aren't too blury and that everything is formatted okay. I'm trying to go strictly mobile and sometimes mister blury cam makes an appearance but you can't always tell on a small screen. Such is life these (Mae's) days. 

Maebe Later

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Say What?

Avery decided to start blogging again out of the blue so naturally I'm feeling some peer (she's posted over 600 times and I'm closer to 6, so yeah, we're peers) pressure to do so as well. 
The fam and I met Gammy and Granpop at Shawnee Mission Park for movie night - what the wha?  I get to be outside AND watch a movie - I LOVE IT!

Here's my, "Say What!?!?" face.

Monday, February 25, 2013

For me? Maebe!

I just realized I haven't blogged... yet this month so I'll squeak one in under the wire to keep up appearances. Of course, I'm blogging about stuff that happened nearly half a lifetime ago so we'll see how well my memory works.

On December 24th we spent the majority of the evening over at Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's. The cast included all of the locals from that side of the family and I think my favorite part may have been watching them all eat some babyfood they called Risengrøt. I mean, come on, I recognize rice pudding when I see it people.

The next morning we woke up early to open presents at home then headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's for round 2.
Dad and me. Both chill and both tired but only one of us had open access to coffee!

I assume Dad was napping or something and pawned me off on Aunt Eva. No worries here, that was a better prespective to see Avery open some new tap shoes (for me in 3 years!)

Who doesn't love Christmas?

Next up was round 3 over at G&G D's. Believe it or not, I was in for even more bounty. I mean, come on, a girl can't live on hand me downs alone right?
Yellow Belle dress up dress? Will still be in style in '16!

Maebe Later.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

playing catchup

As I'm sure you all can guess, things get a bit busier for moms and dads once there's two kids to be responsible for...and blogging falls by the wayside. No worries, we'll do a quick montage (it's better when you sing that word) to let you know what I've been up to.

Leading up to Christmas, Avery said one of her favorite activities was the Christmas Brass concert at CCCC. (2009 recap, 2010 recap, 2011 recap). I guess Mom and Dad forgot to take video this year (classic 2nd kid snub) but we had fun with a big family dinner at Gammy and Grandpop's house with Grandma D and Aunt Darcy before all heading over to the concert. We got to see Maddie and her parents too...and Avery tells me they gave out FREE COOKIES at the end of the concert, so you can understand why I'm surprised it wasn't a full house.

On the 20th, Cousins Jamie and Grayson arrived with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Eva! It was Avery's first day off of school for the holiday break so we celebrated by wearing matching outfits! Avery and I were super excited to go play in Gammy and Grandpop's new basement and Avery enjoyed a fun game of Qwirkle before we had to head home for the night. I retired a little earlier. In the corner. Out of the way of flying Qwirkles I guess?

Don't worry about me, I was sleeping very soundly.
On the 23rd, we went over to an open house at the McComb's. Avery is old friends with Miss Ginny but this was my first chance to meet everyone. Mom and Dad's friends Amanda and Andy were there with their cute little daughter Edie Belle (all pictures missing, but we had a really fun time). After the party we took our after party to the hotel lobby. Oh wait, I guess we went to Red Robin instead (Avery's choice, of course). At least I get to show off Christmas dress #2 (which you may remember as Avery's Christmas Dress #1.) The "Who Wore It Best" is a tie, obviously.

Maebe Later.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What do you do do do?

Big sister Avery and I enjoy chatting in the afternoon - a hot conversation topic is apparently "what do you do do do?" Dad seems less interested in the answer.