Monday, December 17, 2012

Claus I Said So

I really like books but have a hard time letting Mom & Dad know when I want to be read to so I really appreciate when Avery takes the initiative for me!

I haven't started going over to Miss Anne's full time yet so I get spend most of my days over at Grandma Herbert's
We get along pretty well.

On December 1st I tagged along with Mom, Avery, G&G H to have breakfast with Santa at Country Club Christian.
Avery seemed right at home and I... I did not have an atomic meltdown... which is also nice.

That night I watched the K-State game with Dad and despite beating Texas and clinching the Big 12 Title and a BSC birth, you can see that I was none too happy.
That's because despite the stats you see above, no one was giving our guy a chance at winning the Heisman Trophy. Which I guess is a big deal... I don't know much about it but Dad was pretty... animated about the whole ordeal.

The next day the five of us were back at CCCC for regular service. Given the leaves on the trees and ground, you might think it was pretty chilly out but as you can see, coats weren't necessary because it was 65 degrees out! Good pic eh? So good, perhaps we should take a closer look.
So let's zoom in a bit. Nice smiles all around!
Wait, let's zoom in a bit closer. Oh, perhaps I thought Mom said, "Squint" instead of "Smile" before the pic. Can a girl get some sunglasses or what?

When we got home, Dad and Grandpa Davenport were outside putting up Christmas lights. Good thing it was nice out because if it were 30 degrees cooler, I'll bet that job would... be less than great.

The next day I was playing with Dad when Avery thought it would be fun to give me some more hair. Really? Playing dress up with me already?

G&G H's friends the Bakers were in town and I got to do plenty of playing with Ms Linda for a few days.
And when Avery came over after school, the four of us had a little tea party (full disclousre - I had milk-ish.)

On the 5th I joined Avery, Grandpa Davenport, M&D at the Avery's school for their Winter Festival. I hung out with Dad who did NOT share his hot dog with me and went on to NOT share his cookie with me. Way to embrace the season old man!

On the 7th I was back over at GmaH's. It may look like Avery and I had a sleepover but it was actually just "Jammies" day at school.
You know, people say I look a lot like Avery and while I don't necessarily see it in the pic above, if this is how I turn out in 40 months or so, I think that would be pretty kosher.

Another hard day of playing is in the books...

On the 8th, we all woke up nice and early to make absolutley sure that Santa didn't have any questions about what it was we wanted this year. That's right, another breakfast with Santa but this time it was at Nordstrom and Dad, Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport joined in too!
That night I played with Avery in the kitchen a little. Dad helped set the stage but I am REALLY looking forward to being mobile so I can just follow her around everywhere. She's so fun!

On the 11th M&D and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had a slice of strawberry cheesecake and it was incredible bottle.
Uh, do I have a crooked smile? Ugh, I hope that self corrects because going through life with that goofy look won't cut it!

On the 12th we had dinner at home and I got to join the family at on the kitchen table. All was well until Dad decided to play dress up with me.
Come on Dad, this isn't any better a look than it was in 2009...
Avery from Jun'09Avery From Sep'09

What? A picture of me with GpaH and I'm not crying? How'd that sneak in there?

Two red heads? What little hair I have is falling out right now so it will be interesting to see how it comes back in.

After leaving G&G H's on the 13th, Avery, Dad and I met G&G D for dinner at Nordstrom. Does anyone else get the feeling that I only go to like 3 places? I may need to diversify a bit...
We caught Aunt Abby before she headed home and delayed things a bit so Avery could get in some play time.

It's been a busy few weeks with no sign of letting up but M&D and I took a little repreive on Sunday the 16th with breakfast a First Watch. And yes, I had a bottle...

Maebe Later.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well Said

On the 14th I was in for a little surprise - lunch with Dad! And we passed that surprise on to Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport!

That night I joined Mom and a half dozen plus for dinner at Jose Peppers where Heidi and I got relegated to the Kid's table... corner? Hello, how were we supposed to reach the chips and salsa from way back there?

When we got home, I did some playing with Avery. She told me all about her dance class but I spent the whole time wishing I had a fingerstache.

On the 20th Mom and I went over to play with Grandma Herbert and Aunt Abby -- and it was all smiles time. Mostly.

G&G H are finishing their basement and GmaH called me in to consult on the wall colors. I really liked that color swatch book - I wonder if they make a kids chew toy version. I only ask because I assume this version doesn't react well to drool...

On the 21st we set up a tree INSIDE our house and decorated with lights and kraft like items. I thought it seemed a bit odd so I just napped.

The 22nd was Thanksgiving and we were BUSY! We strated off by having Aunt Abby, Uncle Scott, G&G H over for brunch. I had Eggs, Pastry, OJ, Sausage, Fruit and a bottle.
That night we went over the Greats Aunt Nancy & Uncle John's place for Thanksgiving dinner, or as I like to call it - A BOTTLE.

The next night we went over to Aunt Darcy & Uncle Dave's for more party time. M&D successfully pawned me off for much of the night. Hey, that's win win as far as I'm concerned!

One of the best parts was watching Tangled with Mom, Avery and Grandma Davenport. Have I mentioned how much I love TVs?

We had prime seats to as evidence by the puppies that promptly stole them after we got up. It's cool though, they're pretty cute.

The 27th was Mom's last day off work so M&D and I went to breakfast at First Watch to... celebrate?
I've been pretty chatty lately so Mom took some video at the end of breakfast. I was a little camera shy...
Or watch on YouTube.
but that night I opened up a little more for Dad on the changing table. I do love that changing table!
Or watch on YouTube.
Then I found this video in Avery's archives. Same outfit but I'm about a month older than Avery was at the time... but she's quite a bit chattier. Hmm, bring on the comparisons! WHO SAID IT BEST!
Or watch on YouTube.

Maebe Later.