Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Let's start off with a WHO WORE IT BEST! Me at 26 days or Avery at 62 days?

Mom and I went over and visited Grandma & Grandpa Herbert on the 2nd... because why not. Seriously, I love our schedule!
Unfortunately photo shoots are exhausting!

I hate how in TV shows they look at the camera in the mirror rather than looking at themselves in the mirror. I know what you're thinking, "Mae you're only 5 weeks old" but let me stop you right there. Mom and I watch a LOT of Friday Night Lights during the day and once Avery goes to bed at night, I'm in for even more TV so I've seen things. And those things drive me nuts. Also, do you think FNL has a "football choreographer" - someone that designs every fake move of every fake player in those football scenes? That would be an interesting job I think. I wonder how long the list for hollywood "football choreographers" is? Are there 2 or is it really competitive? These are the kinds of things I think about during tummy time. You know, DEEP things.

On the 4th, Grandma Herbert, Avery, Mom and I went to the Louisburg Cider Mill. I had milk so I got the distinct feeling the trip was more for Avery than for me...

The fifth was my 1 month birthday which M&D and I celebrated by seeing Dr. Shanker. If there was any concern about the weight I lost that first week, it's been squashed (and don't you dare make a, "because you sat on it joke!") I was born at 8lb2oz, dropped some lb (singular) then got back to the 50th percentile at 5 days old. Now I'm in the 75th percentile -- GO GENETICS! Avery was 8lb9oz at one month old. I like to view it as me having a size advantage.... yep, that's my story.
I curse M&D for feeding me right before the doctor's office. Yes, they wanted me in a food coma but who eats right before getting on the scale? I call redo!

Maebe Later.


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