Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Friday Night Lights Highlights

I'm beginning to see how Avery has gotten over a month behind on her blog. It doesn't seem like it should be too difficult but man, I'm just busy busy busy.
On the 21st, Mom, Dad, Avery and I met Aunt Darcy and Grandpa Davenport for dinner at Cheddar's.
We sent Mom home after dinner so she could get some sleep go to target by herself and Avery, Dad and I met AD, G&G D at the Olathe East Football game. It was a little chilly but The Village kept me nice and warm to... watch OE play like they belonged in my diaper.

On the 22nd, M&D packed up the essentials and sent Avery and me over to G&G D's for a slumber party. The party was off to a good start too because KSU beat OU IN OKLAHOMA! Sweet.
While M&D enjoyed sleeping in the next day, I enjoyed some extra snuggling with G&G D.

After we got home M&D tried to keep me occupied with these sweet black & white cards Mom printed up for me (Who Stared at it Best?) Of course, they wanted me awake at home so I'd sleep (read as: be happy) during a get together at Greats Aunt Nancy & Uncle John's.
Mae don't play that though! I was pretty good while I was meeting people (a special shout-out to my cousin to be - due 11/5!) but as soon as M&D took over, I was Cranky McFusserpants so they tried a few of the S's which eventually worked. I know I missed some stuff while I was sleeping but I'm sure my sister's blog will fill you completely in... 6 weeks from now! BURN!

On the 24th Dad took me outside to play with Avery and our neighbor Thomas (happy B-Day T!) A&T played hide and seek... kind of and forced Dad and I to play a bit too. Dad and I did have one wicked good hiding spot behind an Oak tree that just goes to show you, 3 year olds are NOT good at playing HnS.

Not sure what all happend on the 25th (probably because I sleep all day so I can be spry at night!) but two thirds of my sisters got their hair cut so we took a Kids & Dad pic. If you're looking for Waldo Me, I'm in Avery's lap. I kind of blend in to the background with some of these pics so I'll help you out when I can. Am I good people or what?

Maebe Later.