Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ditch Witch

With Mom & Dad in Manhattan for some football game, I was shipped off to spend the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert.
After a pretty relaxing Saturday I joined them for church on Sunday. That meant I got to meet all of Avery's church friends including Dr & Mrs Gordon.
I'm always pretty entertained when GpaH holds me and sometimes I freak out a little just to tease him (check out the bottom right pic.) Fun!
Of course, GmaH is always happy to take me off his hands!
M&D eventually came to pick me up and our next stop was over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's to get Avery. M&D sure are lucky they have such a great "village."

Mom and I headed back over to GmaH's after lunch on Columbus Day. Despite my mood, she still seemed happy to see us.

On the 10th Mom and I had breakfast with GmaH and Aunt Abby at First Watch.
I wanted to try a waffle but went with milk instead. Man I wish I had gone with the waffle. Classic eater's remorse.

Avery didn't have school on the 12th so she helped out Mom all day. It was pretty exhausting for all involved!

That night M&D DITCHED ME AGAIN! This time they sent both Avery and me over to G&G D's but GmaD had to work late so it was up to GpaD who wisely recruited some help from Aunt Darcy and my cousins Riley & Cooper.
Eventually GpaD passed the torch to GmaD... who I then kept up all night. Sorry GmaD!

This is just me chilling in my bouncy seat. M&D have found that it helps calm me during my "witching hour(s)" assuming they're willing to bounce me in it since I don't do such a bang up job on my own just yet.

Maebe Later.