Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Village People

So I realize it's been a few days since I blogged last but let's get a few things straight - I am not my sister. I know she's put up over 600 posts and did about three times what I've done in her first two months but I'm uber busy - you know, hanging out with my village. Check it out!
On the 16th Dad, Avery and I went over to Grandma Davenport's to have some dinner. Afterward we hung out down in the basement and watched HGTV where some first time home buyer was shopping for a house in Atlanta and was looking for 3000 sq ft for $150K. I almost fell out of my bouncy chair laughing until I saw that he wasn't delusional. Whoa, it's like I know nothing about real estate.
Back at our house that night I decided to bless Dad with some smiles. They flow pretty easily when I'm on my changing table but you know what they say - Know Dry Diaper, Know Peace. No Dry Diaper, No Peace.

Grandma & Grandpa Herbert stopped by to say hi on the 17th. My sisters and I were all pretty pleased and were almost still enough for a photo opp. Those older girls are so antsy!

Apparently the highlight of the 18th was a bath and not only did Avery help out, she let me use the Cookie Monster towel Aunt Abby got her back in the day. Nom Nom Nom!
Is there anything better that taking a bath and slipping into some nice clean jammies? Seriously, I'm asking - my experiences are pretty limited so I'm just trying to set a baseline here.

Dad went to play NASCAR with Grandpa Davenport the weekend of the 19th. While you might think I'm so upset because I miss him, it was actually because I just found out he's white trash. Not cool Dad.

With Dad away, Avery, Mom and I spent lots of time over at Herbert Village.
I know it's mean but I just giggle everytime I see pics of myself screaming while GpaH is holding me. I may beMaebe a little sadistic eh?

Ah, post church breakfast at one of my favorite First Watches - and yes, I had a bottle for brunch.

This pic is from the 25th - whoa, seriously? A four day picture gap? Odd. Avery didn't have school on the 25th or 26th so she seriously crashed village time with Mom and me.
I mean, she's nice and all so I guess it's okay but let's not make this a regular thing, eh?

On the 27th, Avery, Dad and I met GmaD for brunch at my other favorite First Watch.
Have you noticed how Avery pets me... a lot... I love all of my sisters but let's save the petting for the four legged variety shall we?

That night we hosted a Halloween party. Not too sure what to think about all this but as I understand it, Avery was Cinderella, Dad was Prince Charming, Mom was the Fiary Godmother and I was a mouse name Gus-Gus. Thanks Disney - this isn't embarassing at all!

Afte the party Mom and I did a little unwinding. I don't know how she was still awake because I slept though half the shin dig and was still exhausted!

More petting. Seriously? If she wasn't giving me delicious delicious food, I would have stood up to her!

Mom had work to do on the 29th so Avery, Dad and I went to dinner with GmaD then back to her place - I assumed to watch more shows about home buying - but Dad made us watch football. Ugh, I can't wait to go over there without him so GmaD and I can watch our shows again!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ditch Witch

With Mom & Dad in Manhattan for some football game, I was shipped off to spend the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert.
After a pretty relaxing Saturday I joined them for church on Sunday. That meant I got to meet all of Avery's church friends including Dr & Mrs Gordon.
I'm always pretty entertained when GpaH holds me and sometimes I freak out a little just to tease him (check out the bottom right pic.) Fun!
Of course, GmaH is always happy to take me off his hands!
M&D eventually came to pick me up and our next stop was over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's to get Avery. M&D sure are lucky they have such a great "village."

Mom and I headed back over to GmaH's after lunch on Columbus Day. Despite my mood, she still seemed happy to see us.

On the 10th Mom and I had breakfast with GmaH and Aunt Abby at First Watch.
I wanted to try a waffle but went with milk instead. Man I wish I had gone with the waffle. Classic eater's remorse.

Avery didn't have school on the 12th so she helped out Mom all day. It was pretty exhausting for all involved!

That night M&D DITCHED ME AGAIN! This time they sent both Avery and me over to G&G D's but GmaD had to work late so it was up to GpaD who wisely recruited some help from Aunt Darcy and my cousins Riley & Cooper.
Eventually GpaD passed the torch to GmaD... who I then kept up all night. Sorry GmaD!

This is just me chilling in my bouncy seat. M&D have found that it helps calm me during my "witching hour(s)" assuming they're willing to bounce me in it since I don't do such a bang up job on my own just yet.

Maebe Later.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Let's start off with a WHO WORE IT BEST! Me at 26 days or Avery at 62 days?

Mom and I went over and visited Grandma & Grandpa Herbert on the 2nd... because why not. Seriously, I love our schedule!
Unfortunately photo shoots are exhausting!

I hate how in TV shows they look at the camera in the mirror rather than looking at themselves in the mirror. I know what you're thinking, "Mae you're only 5 weeks old" but let me stop you right there. Mom and I watch a LOT of Friday Night Lights during the day and once Avery goes to bed at night, I'm in for even more TV so I've seen things. And those things drive me nuts. Also, do you think FNL has a "football choreographer" - someone that designs every fake move of every fake player in those football scenes? That would be an interesting job I think. I wonder how long the list for hollywood "football choreographers" is? Are there 2 or is it really competitive? These are the kinds of things I think about during tummy time. You know, DEEP things.

On the 4th, Grandma Herbert, Avery, Mom and I went to the Louisburg Cider Mill. I had milk so I got the distinct feeling the trip was more for Avery than for me...

The fifth was my 1 month birthday which M&D and I celebrated by seeing Dr. Shanker. If there was any concern about the weight I lost that first week, it's been squashed (and don't you dare make a, "because you sat on it joke!") I was born at 8lb2oz, dropped some lb (singular) then got back to the 50th percentile at 5 days old. Now I'm in the 75th percentile -- GO GENETICS! Avery was 8lb9oz at one month old. I like to view it as me having a size advantage.... yep, that's my story.
I curse M&D for feeding me right before the doctor's office. Yes, they wanted me in a food coma but who eats right before getting on the scale? I call redo!

Maebe Later.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Tip of the Hat

On September 26th I got word that Great Uncle Dale was in town so I set up a dinner date along with Avery, M&D, Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport. Okay, so I didn't set it up but my "village" did so I get partial credit right?
After dinner we headed over to a place called Paciugo which sounded familiar though I can say with some certainty that I haven't eaten there before... and I still haven't. Boo. Can't we at least mix a little Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel in with my milk? Certainly couldn't make the stuff any worse (my milk that is.)

On the 28th Mom and I went to visit Grandma Herbert in the morning. I don't that we had a reason (though we like to get out an about) but who needs a reason to see a Grandparent?
That night Avery and I spent the night over at G&G D's and though you wouldn't know it by the pic below, I got to meet Great Aunt Suzi. I went through the pics and there are about a dozen of Avery (which you may NEVER see) and one of me. Being boring stinks!

On Sunday Avery & I went back over to G&G D's for some play time with GAS&GUD though this time with our parents in tow. Avery was even kind enough to give me a rattle and read me a book. I hereby award her 5 big sister points!

October 1st was Avery's Half Birthday (happy 3.5 sis!) so we celebrated with a trip to Green Apple. You won't be surprised to know that I slept through the whole ordeal which is how I KNOW I did not get to enjoy any yogurt as implied by the cup in my hand....

Really? Were there no other patrons there to call Child Protective Services on my behalf?
Oh, well, now this is just embarassing... FOR MY PARENTS!

Maebe Later.