Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stone Thrower

So, I clearly live in a glass house becuase in my first post I poked a little fun at my big sister for being over a month behind in her blogging and now I'm over a week behind. Where does the time go?
The seventh was a big day though when you're only two days old, they're all big I guess. After getting the okay from all of our doctors and nurses, we packed up what seemed like A LOT of stuff into the car and headed home.
After a quick tour of my new abode (turns out not to be glass but whatever) M&D and I hopped back into the car to meet Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I mostly napped.
Then M&D took me for what I've already learned was the first of many many many trips to Target. I mostly napped. Avery tells me this place is awesome. Something about stickers but I got nada. 'Sup with that?
When we finally made it home... I mostly napped. Took a snooze in my new swing then one in my new (to me) bed.

Grandma & Grandpa Herbert stopped by later that evening... I mostly napped.

Even when I sat with Mom or Dad, I mostly napped. I love napping. I wonder if that's genetic?
Well, if we hop in the way back machine, it looks like Avery was a bit of a napper in her early days as well. Ah, comparing me to my sister - the first of many I'm sure. The pics below are of Avery back in the day. Who wore it best?!?!

Maebe Later.