Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mae I Have Another

On the tenth M&D and I went to a place called Olathe (Mom seemed a little skeeved out about it) to see Dr. Shanker. I met DS in the hospital a few times so this wasn't new but his office was. There are legos everywhere. I don't really know what those are but Dad seemed thoroughly entertained.
Despite some concerns Mom had and despite how unpleased I look, my weight rang it right at the 50th percentile for 5 days old. Which seems about average.

The 11th was apparently highlighted by this outfit... since this is the only picture I have from the day.
WHO WORE IT BEST? My vote is for me. I mean, you can tell that Avery's legs aren't even in the pant-poriton of those jammies. I WIN!
Full disclosure, I was two days older than Avery was at the time. Two days may not seem like much but I was 50% older and I know the truth would come out eventually so I want to get out in front of this before the scandal hits.

Maebe Later.