Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Evens Have It

First off I want to be among the first to Congratulations and welcome my new buddy, Heidi Marie Steffen into the world. Quite a ride, eh? Don't worry, it gets easier (for us any way!)

Dad does a lot of complaining about being the only boy in the house but when he got back from a wedding on the 16th he seemed pretty okay about getting to snuggle The Evens (Penny is #2 and I'm #4.)

Grandpa Davenport had been out of town and to welcome him back on the 18th Mom, Dad, Avery and I met Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for dinner at Houlihan's. Avery got ice cream as part of her kid's meal but somehow my bottle didn't come with anything else. Surely I'm not going to get the short stick like this forever right? Is that my curse as the youngest? Boo!

This is my sister and her daughter Baby Ali competing against Dad and I in a post bottle burping contest. Avery said BA burped before me but I didn't hear it. I'm gonna challange BA again ASAP because I've gotten a lot better since then!
Aunt Abby came over a little later to play and once again it was The Evens she played with. I have a feeling that Penny and I are like peas in a pod.

Mom and I stopped by to see Grandma Herbert around lunch time on the 20th. How fun is my social schedule!?!?

Maebe Later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out and About

I left off my last post thinking I hadn't done anything fun on the 11th but apparently I was wrong. It's not my fault though, I sleep a lot... during the day anyway.
For lunch Mom and I went over to Grandma Herbert's to play and I even got to meet a few of Mom's friends. Ms. Patty and Ms. Tara came over to meet me and despite doing some quality play time, none of the pics turned out so you'll be left wanting in that regard.

That night I had dinner with Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport, Mom, Dad & Avery at Granite City. I feel like M&D have me attend these things JUST to pawn me off.... that can't be true right?

After a whole day of taking care of me by themselves, we went back out to dinner on the 13th, this time without GpaD but with someone called Uncle Dave...
UD was pretty fun and told me all sorts of stories -- I can't wait to see him again!

The next day I tagged along with Dad as he headed to lunch with AD & GmaD. Oh, and my sisters as well who for some reason were living over at G&G D's. I had so much fun I begged Dad to bring my sisters home so the full family could be together -- let the crazy train depart!

Three of Dad's five girls, sharing a seat that evening. F - I - V - E!!

Maebe Later.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mae I Have Another

On the tenth M&D and I went to a place called Olathe (Mom seemed a little skeeved out about it) to see Dr. Shanker. I met DS in the hospital a few times so this wasn't new but his office was. There are legos everywhere. I don't really know what those are but Dad seemed thoroughly entertained.
Despite some concerns Mom had and despite how unpleased I look, my weight rang it right at the 50th percentile for 5 days old. Which seems about average.

The 11th was apparently highlighted by this outfit... since this is the only picture I have from the day.
WHO WORE IT BEST? My vote is for me. I mean, you can tell that Avery's legs aren't even in the pant-poriton of those jammies. I WIN!
Full disclosure, I was two days older than Avery was at the time. Two days may not seem like much but I was 50% older and I know the truth would come out eventually so I want to get out in front of this before the scandal hits.

Maebe Later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whaley Bad Joke

Man, blogging is hard! I remembered the picture of Avery reading to me but forgot there was video as well. You may have to crank up the audio but she did a pretty good job.

Or check out the video on YouTube

I did some playing with Avery on the morning of the ninth but it's kind of tough when you're swaddled tighter than a straight jacket.

Avery got to go to church with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert and I got stuck running errands with M&D.
Man, I whaley wish I could have gone to church. (Yep, keep reading my blog and those are the kind of gems you're in for!)

That night Dad read Avery and I book - Dragon's Love Tacos. Reader's Digest: Tacos = Good, Spicy Salsa = Bad.

Next up for me was my first bath at home. It started out okay...
...but headed south quickly.
Though after talking to Avery, perhaps it's M&D's fault and not mine! Doesn't look like she enjoyed her first bath on April 5th, 2009. WHO WORE IT BEST?!?!

Maebe Later.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Al Davis Said it Best, "Just Win Maebe, Win"

On the morning of the 8th, Mom & Dad and I met Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Avery, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for breakfast at a place called First Watch.
I got the feeling Avery had been there once or twice because she introduced me to several of her friends there, including Dana in the pic above.

When the three of us got home (Avery was out hanging with G&G D) we settled in to watch the Kansas State v Miami football game. Given our outfits, I deduced that we were KSU fans. Things were going pretty well when all of sudden Mom was sent this picture from her friend Amanda and my future buddy Edie Belle. I mean, come on, this isn't exactly "The U in the 80's."
As you can see, the game was a bit of a snoozer...

... so I had to find other ways to entertain myself.

That night we stopped by G&G D's to pick up my sister and I learned that I have two more older sisters, Parker & Penny. LOTS of kisses... When we got back home Avery and I did some playing. We checked out her big girl room and then she read me Toes, Ears & Nose. It's about... well, lets just say the title kind of gives away the ending.

Maebe Later.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stone Thrower

So, I clearly live in a glass house becuase in my first post I poked a little fun at my big sister for being over a month behind in her blogging and now I'm over a week behind. Where does the time go?
The seventh was a big day though when you're only two days old, they're all big I guess. After getting the okay from all of our doctors and nurses, we packed up what seemed like A LOT of stuff into the car and headed home.
After a quick tour of my new abode (turns out not to be glass but whatever) M&D and I hopped back into the car to meet Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I mostly napped.
Then M&D took me for what I've already learned was the first of many many many trips to Target. I mostly napped. Avery tells me this place is awesome. Something about stickers but I got nada. 'Sup with that?
When we finally made it home... I mostly napped. Took a snooze in my new swing then one in my new (to me) bed.

Grandma & Grandpa Herbert stopped by later that evening... I mostly napped.

Even when I sat with Mom or Dad, I mostly napped. I love napping. I wonder if that's genetic?
Well, if we hop in the way back machine, it looks like Avery was a bit of a napper in her early days as well. Ah, comparing me to my sister - the first of many I'm sure. The pics below are of Avery back in the day. Who wore it best?!?!

Maebe Later.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Day Another Diaper

I'm sure some of you are sitting at work wondering what I'm doing. While this is far from a live feed (though that may be cool), for the next few weeks I'm pretty sure this is about all I'll be doing. Enjoy!

Seriously, for about fourteen hours today I did Ins & Outs (of my body) and snuggled with Mom & Dad, catching the occasional Zzzs.
It may sound boring but I like to refer to it low key. Low key and lovin' it.
But we also had some visitors. I'm only a day old and already so popular!
Avery drew a picture of me. The resemblence is... striking?

That's It.